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Pet loss and Grief Counseling

One of the loneliest types of grief might be that of a person mourning a pet. Seeing an animal pass away, like caring for one who’s sick, can carry a heavy emotional burden — but because it’s not a human, most people don’t give enough credit to
just how devastating it can be.


I have lost many dogs in the last 10 years because I am heavily involved in dog rescue. I went through a depression when one of my beloved dogs died after only having it in my life for 8 months. I had hoped there would have been more resources for me, but there weren’t. I recently just lost my precious French Bulldog of 15 years. Re-living this grief and pain can be unbearable.


We help you cope with the loss of your pet while navigating the stages of grief. We will be the ones who understand your loss and the emotions you are going through.

Your isolation does not need to happen; the bereavement of your pet will be supported.

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