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Therapy for Anxiety

Let's Face it....Anxiety SUCKS!

Everyone experiences some amount of stress. 
But normal stress can turn into anxiety, and that can become overwhelming  and turn into panic attacks. All of that stress and anxiety can eventually lead to problems big enough to interfere with your everyday life.  We call these "life stressors".

Some common anxiety symptoms include:

Worrying all the time

⮊ Feeling restless

Problems sleeping

Eating too much or having little appetite

Constantly feeling like something bad is about to happen

Feeling like you might panic at any moment

Avoiding situations like being in public, or around groups of people

Snapping at loved ones

⮊ Feeling angry

When it gets to be too much, you may try to find relief from things like drinking, focusing on work too much, binge eating or eating too little.

Of course those short-term solutions aren't really solutions and lead to their own consequences in relationships, at work, etc.

We help you identify solutions to relieve stress and anxiety that are specific to your personal situation.

To begin with, we acknowledge that anxious feelings develop from the way that you think. Anxious feelings are almost always accompanied by anxious thoughts (whether you recognize them or not), many of which aren’t based in reality or facts actually present in your situation.

Anxiety often comes with countless “what if?” questions. Questions that have no answers. And always picturing the worst-case scenarios. We help you change the way you relate to those thoughts in order to change the way you feel.  We use Socratic Questioning to help with those questions. We use CBT, ACT, and Biosound to decrease the physiological symptoms of anxiety to help you to cope and ease your mind so that you can start to question and normalize your feelings.

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